Chromepet Maadhva Seva CharitableTrust

No.14/2, Karumariamman koil II street,
Padmanaba Nagar, Hasthinapuram,
Chromepet, Chennai 44.

Chromepet is a growing suburb of Chennai/Madras. Once upon a time it was a small hamlet.The Britishers established leather tanning units here. Chrome tanning was very famous here and hence the name of the hamlet as ‘Chromepet’. Sri.R.Sridharan’s (Managing Trustee) father late Sri. K.V.Ranga Rao migrated to this village in 1963 from Chennai city proper (George Town). At that time a few Maadhvas were living here in a scattered manner. He wanted to unify them. So, in the fag end of 1965, he started Madhva Sangha along with late Sri. Subba Rao and  late Sri. D.L. Rama Rao and Sri. Raghavendran of MIT. The person who inspired him to start this Sangha was my Guruji, late Sri. Krishnagiri Raghavendra Achar of Kuppam. He taught Sangham members Sumadhva Vijaya and Harikathaamruthasara and Devara Namas.The Sangha used to perform Madhva Navami grandly initially at various houses in Chromepet  and later at Pammal. Late Sri. Ranga Rao was the pioneer in spreading Devara Nama Taratamya Paddhati in Tamil Nadu and in 1978 he published the sampradaya Madhva Bhajana Paddhati in Tamil according to Taratamya scheme and created a great awareness among Tamil Nadu people. Even at that time he was inspired and assisted by his son Sri R. Sridharan (Present Managing Trustee).

        During 1978 Sri. K.V. Ranga Rao was paralised and incapacitated and so Sangham’s activities temporarily ceased. Subsequently during 1980-82 late Sri.C.B.Rao was carrying out some activities at Hasthinapuram. Somewhere in 1983 the Sangham was resurrected and rejuvenated under the leadership of late Sri. Ramachandra Rao of Nehru Nagar and Sri. Krishna Rao of Balaji Nagar and late Sri.Gopal Rao of Krishna Nagar. From then onwards the Sangham was growing leaps and bounds.The Sangham used to celebrate Sri Raghavendra Swamy Aradhana and Sri Madhva Navami function grandly at various houses and conduct weekly classes.The present Managing Trustee, Sri. R.Sridharan took initiative and started weekly classes on Sunday evenings and delivered lectures on the life histories of saints and sages of Maadhva Sampradaya. Paata Pravachana of Sumadhva Vijaya, Srimanmahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya and Harikathamruthasara, etc. The classes are still going on uninterrupted. From 1990 onwards Sangham started to publish manual handbook on Madhva Sastra and Sangham activities. It is being continued even now.

    Meanwhile in 2000-01, the Sangham was converted into a Trust under the name of Chromepet Maadhva Seva Trust (Registered), with 11 Trustees, with  Sri. R. Sridharan as the Managing Trustee.

    Aradhanas and other religious functions  were celebrated at JayaRaghavendra caterer’s proprietor Sri. Chakrapani’s house at Kamala St. for 7 years continuously.

    Our dream of constructing a Dhyana Mantapam/Raghavendraswamy’s Brindavanam remained unfulfilled for the last 45 years.

    Recently an idea was dawned to  purchase the building site at Trust’s own cost and construct a Mantap from public donation. Well-wishers took initiative and located a site near Siva Temple, Nemilichery and the Trustees agreed to buy the same.

    At this juncture somewhere in October 2010 a miracle happened. A Devotee, Sri. K. Rama Rao of Padmanabha Nagar near Hasthinapuram bus-stand offered a portion of his house site for a nominal rate for the proposed construction of Dhyana Mantapam / Raghavendra Swamy Brindavanam. On 11-11-2010, the site was registered at a cost of 17 lakhs.The existing old structure was pulled down and Bhoomi Pooja was performed on 26-1-2011 by His Holiness Sri. Sri. Vidya Manohara Tirtha of Sosale Vyasaraja Mutt and Sanku Sthapana was done under the guidance of Bhushanam Padmanabha Achar.

Map & Directions

Address:         Raghavendra swamy Brindavan

                                  14/2,Karumariamman II St,
                                 Padmanabha Nagar,

Bus Route:

                    52-B,  52-C.  M52 C,  H70,  500 Exp,  M18G,  M66A,  152B Exp, M21 A/A,M21B    Alight at Hasthinapuram Bus Terminus.Walk towards North for about 5 minutes to reach Karumariamman Temple in Padmanabha Nagar. Walk towards West for about 200 ft to reach the destination.

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